🎤🎧 INSIDE THA JACKALS HEAD W/ Kaiser Shuff, Japhy Ryder, Thomas Fry, Dave Milner

So this is 2 days before the election ends on NOV 3rd, and the revolution begins! Well let’s not get too a head of ourselves. This folks will be an interesting show for it’s not just another episode inside my crazy head! But one which will last 3 hours of pre election night fun.

Tonight we have on Kaiser, Japhy Ryder, Thomas Fry, Dave Milner so get your riot gear ready, don’t go looting, and destroying the city if you don’t get your way people. Let’s keep it civil on Nov 3rd. But let’s let lose on the evil leftists on Nov 1st… As we countdown to the most important election in possibly our nations history. This is good vs evil, red vs blue, a giant who never sleeps, and has given up millions to help lead us into a bright tomorrow against an evil career politician who’s a racist, and has a history of discrimination, and decades of failure. And behind great man is a great woman… Melania is that woman for Trump. But Biden has behind him a back stabbing candidate for VP who is waiting for her moment to have him sent packing, and take his seat. This folks is the Jedi vs the SITH! The world will know on November 3rd, and yes this is when we will have the Republic stand tall or fall at the hands of another JAR JAR BINKS aka Joe Biden when he hands over his presidency to Emperor Kamala.

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