🎤🎧 Inside Tha Jackals Head “Happy Birthday Jorge Rodriguez – A Look back…”

Well tonight I enjoyed a night of clips, and looking back at my good friend, and mentor Jorge Rodriguez who has passed away. I also covered some of the latest news on the wall of weird! But mostly I wanted to spend it playing clips which reminded me of how me, and Jorge bonded, and became friends. Stuff that I hadn’t talked about before as I also played clips showing what mirrored my interest in doing radio which was a lot like his story.

Also played a clip about his time on WIOD, a few funny stories from his time with Neil, and a lot more. So sit back, and let’s enjoy the time gone by when Radio was fun to listen to on AM Radio. Those days are gone guys… Jorge was the last string to those days… Now it’s done.

But with that said the new year is almost here so again hope you enjoy this special episode in tribute to my good friend who’s gone too soon.

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