🎙INSIDE THA JACKALS HEAD WITH GUEST Gary Leggiere [06-21-2020]

Tonight I was joined by Gary Leggiere from the radio podcast, YouTube show “THE MARTIAN REVELATION” which airs thanks to the “Global Enlightenment Radio Network” which is the station he’s on.

We got into all sorts of topics from the Space Force with Trump to the other things happening in our own skies, and what’s happening with this green glow on MARS! Also I went over a show Donald Trump Jr had with his dad the President himself called “Triggered” which the topic of Roswell was brought up, and Don Jr asked his dad if he would reveal anything, and Potus 45 said with a lot of tongue in cheek that he would think about it maybe talking about he knows.

Great show guys hope you enjoy it as much as I did… Check out Gary’s show, and check out his site below.

Guest Website: www.thefacesofmars.com

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