Impeachment Day 5: The Last Schiff

IF This was a big movie I think I would have the lead be Jim Jordan, and have it focus on him because he really has destroyed EVERYONE in every single day of this circus. But in what is said to be the final day of this farce today the way not just Jordan but everyone owned the two “final star witnesses” that Adam Schiffhead pooped out.

IF YOU can’t make it thru the entire video like the previous posts this post has the best clips below. But if you’re hardcore into these proceedings you’re going to love how bad this whole thing has been for the Libtards… Folks there is nothing to see here oR to hear from across the table while sitting in a crowded restaurant while listening in on someone else’s call. Juuuuuuuuuuuuust to leak it to everyone. Oh yea there is more than one leak folks, and here he is getting cooked.

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