Impeachment Day 4: Assumptions

After the first 3 days we know that “The LEAK” is Lt. Col. Vinderman and we can thank him for the Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella! Now we know where the issue was, and thus these people who are both OBAMA/CLINTON people, and leftovers worked directly with Adam Schiffhead. This entire thing is a big giant HOAX folks, and after Day 4 if you cannot see this for the big giant Schiff-storybook of lies that it is! You need to have your head examined.

I know the left has brainwashed the gullible young liberals of this nation by trojan horse methods, and what I mean by that is how most school teachers are now liberals, and teach liberal ideologies to kids, and you only have to see how shitty things are in a lot of part of this country.

None of that is the fault of TRUMP but these people blame him for everything, and soon I fear they will even try to impeach him for the death of JESUS or Muhammad himself. And I don’t mean ALI the boxer (RIP)

Here we go! Day 4!

LTC Vindman man belongs in prison folks, and here is why… He leaked to the whistleblower who is an OBAMA/CLINTON buddy, and Adam Schiffhead made that clear when he stopped him short of giving out the name of the “Whistleblower.” Now his job is to follow the proper chain of command, and NOT leak to nobodies like “Eric the Whistleblower” “None Whistleblower” “Whistleblower.” It’s all rather confusing right? Well so what Laura Ingraham said about him is on the money, and he belongs to be brought up on charges. IN MY OPINION! He does forget one major thing, and you guys on the left, and media seem to forget this also when dealing with farts.. Ooops that was DAY 3. lol No no dealing with facts or with Trump for that matter but The PRESIDENT SETS POLICY! Not some “Russian descendant” remember his dad was in the soviet union?

Hmmmmmmmm can we add the Russian Collusion to him also? Because we know he told his brother, father, and “Eric the Whistleblower” “None Whistleblower” “Whistleblower. What he thought of the call so and I’m about to make a big assumption here (A termed used a lot in DAY 4!) this entire thing is because of people who think they should be setting policy, and who are mad at the PRESIDENT for doing his JOB? ONE thing you will hear today is that he wanted “NO Quid Pro Quo” and only wanted them to “Do the right thing…”

So wait you want him removed from office for wanting people to do the right thing? Well this makes it clear folks, Adam Schiffhead is heading the biggest scam in the history of politics, and since seems like all these people all are tied to “CLINTON/OBAMA/BIDEN” cults. UM Families…

Why do you think Adam Schiffhead have all his “Closed door meeting” with these folks? And still not one of the witnesses. ACTUALLY seen anything or can connect the PRESIDENT to ANYTHING! Folks this is not just a witch hunt… This is not just a hoax. This is A Coup to Overthrow President Trump! End of story.

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