Impeachment Day 3: Dark Fart

During an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) appeared to rip a massive fart live on the air… And thus #FartGate was born, and it’s now viral and folks if you missed it. This can sum up the entire impeachment so far… Or should I say. FART!

Now let’s start with the actual events of DAY 3…. Or as I like to “Dark Fart” because well this one’s actually more dramatic since the people questioned we’re on the call with the President right? Well let’s see here.

The Whistleblower who we all know who it is except Adam Schiff who met with him but now claims (he’s lying) that he’s never met the whistleblower.

NOW The big question is who told the whistleblower that there was something “heard questionable” in the call? Someone leaked this out, and for leaking calls by heads of nations to anyone that is treason, and also breaks chain of command. Folks all this is in my honest opinion is a big nothing turd.

Here we go! Day 3!

This is all based on “opinions” on a style of how someone speaks to someone else, and to me a person whose parents are from the soviet union, and served and is personal friends with OBAMA, and the Clinton families is not someone I’d like in on ANY call when it comes to this president or ANY for that matter.

But had he been removed then the Trump would have looked like he was hiding something. But when you watch all the drama, and all the nonsense without the media’s dramatic music you will see that this so called first hand witnesses add nothing we didn’t already see with the release of the phone calls transcripts.

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