Ilhan Omar Promises To “Stop” Trump After The Killing Of Top Iranian General

Wondering who’s Side Are she’s On? This should tell you all! The world watched, noticed that all the witnesses were based on 3rd unverified info, nothing was based on reality or legit. A FAKE HOAXED impeachment lead by the Fraud Squad on the left. Good job on impeaching someone on lies. The Senate will take care of it. U did nothing.

And she said she’s gonna stop Trump? Well is this a threat? She needs to be investigated for threatening the PRESIDENT! Saying what she said is no joke, and she needs to be in prison! She’s not above the law… You cannot threaten the PRESIDENT!

First off, the House has not sent articles of impeachment to the Senate, and this is because the left knows that the House know they have no real case against Trump, and is a fraud, and fake impeachment hustle. I do not think he is trying to “distract” from that fact, and Trump is our commander-in-chief, President Trump has the authority to act to protect Americans. Hate him all you want OMAR. He’s the most powerful man on the planet, and I know him being white is what you’re racist ass hates the most. Soleimani was a bad, bad dude with a long history of killing Americans.

OR as she would say “HE DID SOMETHINGS OVER THERE.” Ilhan Omar is a fucktard loser. Omar is continually more concerned about lives of Islamic terrorists than American citizens and American troops.

She is not on America’s side! She is not loyal to the United States. Her allegiances appear to lie elsewhere. We can hope and pray Omar gets booted out in November! But I’m not confident since I cannot fathom how she was elected in the first place.

In the meantime, expect the Democrats to complain about this victory for the United States… Perhaps they can start another impeachment inquiry into Trump over this. Practicing TDS is what they do best.

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