If coronavirus hits your family…

Do like Forrest, and RUN like a fool!

OK So seriously if someone in your family comes down with the CoronaVirus tell them you care, and urge them to stay away! Don’t be a fool protect yourself.

I find it funny how people have gone crazy with the CoronaVirus “outbreak” and while I was out today I went by Walmart, and the same as Publix yesterday, and Walgreens the day before that. The one constant! I’ll let Bevis explain what is most needed!

It’s like the entire goddamn country has got Diarrhea now… Look folks I get it this is a scary virus, and people need to be careful. But while we need to protect our butts. Sort of speak… I know keeping one’s butthole clean is well a good thing! But let’s not forget that others need to also clean they ass when they done making number 2 work for them.

That, and I can’t find Mtn Dew Code RED in 12 packs anywhere either… So it’s like there is a CODE RED & TP Shortage. Which really with hand sanitiser also on the endangered list it’s become clear that we’re easy to scare for starters, and we have strange shopping styles.

The virus won’t give you the squirts, and so I don’t find the point of all the toilet paper buying unless people are trying to compensate for what they really need which is hand tissues. That’s also sold out. Still the big rolls of BOUNTY are everywhere on special, and if memory serves me correctly they are the “most absorbent” and “The quicker picker upper” right? Or was that my cousin LEO? hmmm Wait I don’t even have a cousin named LEO!

Moving on… So as I was saying people I know you might have hemorrhoids, and other things happening back in the old ANDERSON POOPER SCOOPER back there but let’s not forget it’s Summertime and soon this whole thing will pass like gas after a good chicken burrito at Taco Bell. Shoutout to Alex TwoPoint0 by the way.

So until next time America! Keep your bunghole clean, and…

OH YEAH And if you should wake up tomorrow, and you’re the last living person on earth! Look there are 2 bright sides to it all… 1 it can’t possibly get any worse, and 2… Well Let Bevis, and Butthead show you.

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