Ice Cube agrees to pay 100K to Walmart if looters are not charged

So now not just looters, and rioters get to steal your stuff but a 80’s has been rapper who now makes movies playing cops all the time bail you out, and reward you for your bad actions.

Some of the video footage we have seen of a crowd looting at a Walmart Super center in Tampa Bay, Florida was recently released by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities asked for the public to help identify individuals who broke into the store and reportedly stole $100K worth of items on May 30 following protests over the untimely death of George Floyd, according to HCSO.

Authorities say that a crowd of people took items out of the electronics section, which included computers, TVs, and more. Walmart reported an estimated $116,000 in lost merchandise and ensuing damages. After CBS News tweeted that police are looking for those who were involved in the looting, rapper-actor Ice Cube responded by saying that he would take care of the damages if no one who was involved was arrested.

“No arrest and I’ll cover the 100k. Deal?” Ice Cube tweeted…. Walmart should issue a press release simply saying “LMAO HOW ABOUT NO!”

Some social media users responded to the post by alluding to America’s history of looting countries, cultures and the Black community, and I ask what does the history of America have to do with America today? Nothing!

Stop living in the past, and move to the future we’re in a different time, and era, and have made a lot of movements to move past racial injustice in this country but no matter what Ice Cube thinks this is still a better, and safer environment than say CHINA for black people.

I wonder why isn’t he helping the black people beat down, and thrown out of their homes in CHINA when the Pandemic happened? Why doesn’t he spend money helping needy children in Haiti or other charities? But people who steal, riot, and loot over the death of a scumbag’s death he will cover your bad actions as long as it’s over that? ICE Cube you have gone full retard, and belong living in “Fucktardistan” with the rest of your socialist morons who want to destroy this country… So now we know you’re the new “DOJ” (Department OF Jokes) head of Fucktardistan.

“Yes stealing is wrong, but when the Government has been stealing from you for generations and holding you down in the Justice System from getting ahead for the color of your skin, then how can you blame them for not turning the other cheek,” And what does Walmart or any small mom and pop store that got destroyed, and robbed have to do with the “government” ? NOTHING! Oh, and ICE check it out you idiot 1 out of the 4 cops was black, 1 was Asian, and 2 were white… On the Atlanta cops which got fired recently 5 were black, and 1 was white.

This isn’t a racial issue you moron! This is an issue where cops who have a hard job as it is are constantly dealing with young people who think they’re above the law, and resist arrest, and act like total morons, and you ICE CUBE paying for them not to get in trouble over looting, and rioting will do nothing but make it OK for them to do it again, and you’re encouraging this sort of anarchy, and behavior. So ICE CUBE Shut the fuck up, and get fucking lost. Remember “Fuck the Police” well right now I’m yelling “FUCK ICE CUBE” and I’m a rapper/podcaster who’s Latino.

I know a lot of rappers who get it, and think what Cube is doing is retarded, and are just afraid to say it do to the scrutiny by these morons on the left who will attack anyone for their views, and I’m not one of those… Nobody on the left will silence me, and no rapper in the industry scares me or will silence me.

So Cube you can kiss my ass you idiot… Now we know where you stand.

Twitter user @sb5Holly wrote.

View Ice Cube’s tweet below:

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