Who Wants who Deported? [The Internet doesn’t forget]

President Trump sends a tweet about four radically far-left members of Congress urging them to leave America if they hate being here so much and liberals go ape shit calling him a racist, and demanding for his removal, and impeachment right?

What if the tables were reversed and Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib said certain Americans with whom they disagree should be deported? Would anybody in the media care? Well looky looky…. Why haven’t they spent some air time on leftist media reporting this! HYPOCRITES!

So it’s ok for her to call him a “motherfucker,” and ask for him to be “deported” but if he tells her “if you don’t like it here you can go and leave fix the issues in your country and then come back and show us how it’s done” and if a crowd randomly chants “send them back” which he never said! They make a fuss over it, and demand he gets impeached, and charged with a hate crime? lol My god the hypocrisy! Hilarious…

In a resurfaced article from 2010, Tlaib’s own father admits that Rashida “lied big-time to get elected” as a state representative. In a March 11, 2010 newspaper article in The Detroit News, Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s (D-MI) father accused her of lying “big-time to get elected” by falsifying her address on an election affidavit.

Tlaib’s father, Harbi Elabed, made the accusations against Tlaib, who at the time was a freshman state-level representative from the 12th District in Detroit’s Southwest side. The newspaper article was scrubbed from the internet when The Detroit News migrated to a new website but was available in a subscription-based digital archive.

You lied to get elected,by giving your father’s address instead of your own. The democrats are the party of Hate and lies!

????????Candace Owens is a real American and she is smart, honest and a breath of fresh air.????
You can’t compete with her.

Hey Congresswoman! Why don’t you explain to everyone about how you ran for office by LYING about where you lived? Didn’t your father say you lied too??? Among other FEC violations. You are disgusting! ! And you!! Call for impeachment? You should be in prison!

Anyone surprised?…GOAL: Destroy from Within by any means necessary…

1. Not surprising. 2. Nothing will happen because she’s a liberal with multiple intersectionality points.
— Ronnie’s Hat (@AvidReader78) May 3, 2019

Tlaib recently met with an extreme anti-Israel activist who just so happens to be affiliated with terror. Let that sink in… And let’s not forget her best moments folks.

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