How Obama and Clinton Created the Mess in Syria

So good ol RUSH Limbaugh god bless him he’s telling it how it is again, and the left isn’t gonna like this! Now check out this post on how exactly it was that Obama, and Clinton created the entire mess in Syria, and now Trump is catching the blame because that’s what happens when the left does something they can’t admit to now is blame TRUMP! Even tho this mess was Obama’s doing, and not Trump they cannot, and will not ever admit that Obama is a dirtbag, and is responsible for all of the mess, and Trump is doing what needs to be done to clean up the “SWAMP!”

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RUSH: You remember when the Benghazi thing happened there were immediately questions asked, “What in the world was the ambassador doing there?” Libya had become an absolute hellhole. It was stateless. It was being run by various terrorist camps.

The Benghazi attack happens, and one of the explanations we got for the ambassador being there was that he was actually participating in an arms — what would be the word? — they were shipping arms up to Syria from Benghazi. They were going to Benghazi. The Obama administration wanted to arm various aspects of the Syrian rebels, and they were doing it on the QT by sending the weapons through Libya, i.e., Benghazi, and that that was one of the reasons the terrorists attacked was to prevent the flow of arms up to Syria from Benghazi.

So that comes up, you know, Hillary laughs at it and pooh-pooh’s, what does it matter now, what difference does it make now? And so Fitton’s tweet here is fascinating: Judicial Watch uncovered documents, smoking gun documents show that Obama and Clinton were aware that arms were going to Syria through Benghazi, that Obama and Clinton were warned by the rise of ISIS and were supporting terrorists in Syria with these arms shipments. [Keep Reading]

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