Honest Ted Enrages Chicago Mayor for Telling the Truth About Gun Violence in Her City

Ted Cruz earning that new nickname “Honest Teddy” ? Love this tweet, and now let me explain… Recently elected Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot got a bit upset about gun violence in her city with due right but why did she get upset? Now “The city is a shooting gallery with citizens little more than clay pigeons.” But guess what? It’s also got very harsh gun laws, and they just don’t work. Here is a little shocking FACT! Gun Laws don’t work because Criminals don’t care about oh. LAWS! And will get the weapon of choice be it Gun, Knife, Sword, Flamethrower, Lightsaber or slingshot.

But she’s mad not because the city has been under “fire” pun intended but Lori Lightfoot who was elected mayor on April 2, 2019 in Chicago making her the first African-American woman to lead the city got mad because Ted Cruz told the truth. Wait what?

Last weekend was a typical holiday weekend in Chicago: 7 dead, 41 shot. Lightfoot’s answer to the violence? More gun control, of course.

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted a response to that idea:

Damn right again gun control isn’t the answer, and we don’t have the ability like in the movie Minority Report to have a section that does “Pre Crime” so what do we do? Well there are some loopholes sure. But for the most part don’t fool yourselves folks. More people die in car crashes per year this is a minor issue being blown up by the media for one end result. They want to remove our rights to bare arms, and they want to destroy our constitution.

The comment struck a nerve with Lightfoot — not just because Cruz is right, but because of who he is: a pro-gun, Republican conservative.

“Keep our name out of your mouth”? Well it doesn’t work that way lady, and especially when you’re not doing a good job in a city which proves that harsher gun laws don’t work, and while Honest Teddy didn’t tweet anything crazy, and is telling the truth she’s making an ass out of herself by being so idiotic with her tweet.

She’s making ass out of herself… Which is funny since she’s on the party of the jackass but anyway as it is all he did was point out the obvious: gun laws don’t affect the ease with which criminals can get their hands on a weapon. All the gun control measures in the world — any and all laws ever proposed by any anti-gun hysteric — will not lower Chicago’s murder rate. Putting violent offenders behind bars will.

It’s quite unseemly for a politician to act like a dumb brat and throw a tantrum like this. Besides, “what in the wide, wide, world of sports does where the guns come from have to do with anything?” Lightfoot is desperate to deflect blame from city politicians, whose only response to the escalating violence is more gun control. They, like their national counterparts in the gun control lobby, are totally bereft of new ideas. They are a broken record, repeating the same mantra over and over.

As the body counts grow she can keep getting mad all she wants but that’s not going to solve the issue is it? She needs to do her damn right, and stop trying to deflect from the truth, and the facts.

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