Homeless Woman Becomes YouTube Sensation After She Defends Trump’s Star On Walk Of Fame

Homeless Woman Becomes YouTube Sensation After She Defends Donald Trump’s Star On Walk Of Fame and godbless her for showing the ignorant morons out there trying to take down the STAR because they’re being lied to about the man in the media… Hope this brings to light the actions, stupidity, and criminal minded behavior of the socialist morons in this country. Look at how that fat cow of a bully is doing to a sweet old lady who happens to be homeless. I hope we find her, and help for her kindness, and great tribute to Donald. And I hope the fat grotesque of a person bullying her gets hit by a city bus. This is hard to watch folks.

The unidentified woman went on a verbal tirade against President Obama and immigration before many in the crowd decided to show their displeasure, some ripping up her signs. Greg Mills reports.

IF you have any info on her or the fat asshole let the cops know… OR myself, and I will happily go face the coward man to man, and beat the shit out of him like he did this poor lady, and it will be on YouTube, and it will go viral, and he will get his face fully exposed. I clipped out some stills so you could see him him best as possible including his tats, and so he could be more recognizable… Chances are that fat retarded looking Mexican slob is illegal. He gives us Latinos a bad name. Someone I hope beat the crap out of him for his behavior here.

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