Christopher Dennis! “REST IN PEACE” R.I.P.

Last time I seen him was in video talking about his new suit, and teeth being fixed in the video below. Christopher Dennis was a street performer best known for playing “Superman” on Hollywood Blvd.

For almost 30 years he would dress in the “Superman suit” and would entertain people and take photos with fans, and people who would randomly come by to see what he was doing. Here he was sending a video shoutout to his fans, and friends…

Christopher Dennis was found In a Clothing Bin lifeless Law enforcement said Dennis was found dead Saturday November 2nd 2019 in the San Fernando Valley. We’re told his body was discovered lying headfirst in the bin that’s used for clothing donations.

Investigators believe Christopher who was homeless was attempting to gather clothes for himself. No foul play is suspected.

Dennis’ story is both charming and tragic after 2 decades of entertaining folks in Hollywood by impersonating The Man of Steel, he was the victim of a vicious assault and robbery that nearly killed him and left him without a way to make money.

He was rendered homeless, but thanks to the help of friends and a Kickstarter campaign, he got a new suit that allowed him to get back on his feet … and return to the Blvd for the Superman fans.

He also starred in the documentary, “Confessions of a Superhero,” and appeared multiple times on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Sadly, it seems he fell on hard times again recently.

Christopher was 52. Rest IN Peace

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