His ecstasy popping days are done!

This week Police reported that a Florida man was busted with Trump-shaped ecstasy pills now he’s facing charges they were shaped like President Donald Trump’s head. 23-year-old Brendan Timothy Dolan-King on Friday woke up after reports of a drug overdose to find his home searched by police said they found illegal drugs, including MDMA pills that looked like the president hidden inside an air vent. Which is a cool idea, and refreshing to see that this moron tried to use his head when stashing his pills. I mean who’s hasn’t heard of someone stashing drugs in an air vent?

Friday’s Lab tests reportedly confirmed that “a tan powder seized was fentanyl and that the Trump pills contained MDMA.” While not the first time a president-shaped ecstasy pills have been found in a bust. Just last year 2018, Indiana State Police reportedly found orange ecstasy pills (pictured above) shaped like Trump’s head during a 6-day operation.

The Smoking Gun reports that Brendan Dolan-King was serving an 18-month felony probation sentence when arrested. He was busted last year for possessing several drugs, including MDMA pills shaped like Darth Vader from ‘Star Wars.’ Brendan Dolan-King the Force wasn’t strong with you, and now the law will crush you like Vader crushes throats.

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