Happy Birthday “Pac-Man” which turns 40 years old!

A Game born after I was, and still the best old school game ever made! Sure I loved TETRIS, and I even once jacked the game “Metroid” as a kid IN 1986 when it had just come out. Another kid in school who kept bragging about it, and he would bring it to school like a moron to show off lost his bragging rights when he “lost” his game.

Being a crazy 4th grader I got angry one day, and took the game, and he never got it back… Served him right that kid was an asshole… But to think of it taking his game without him knowing, and watching him cry over it for 3 days while it was gratifying at the time now I could see how I could have been an asshole also… Anyway that was decades ago, and he was a jerk. Fuck him.

But back to why I posted this here… See Pac Man was my game! The style, simplistic nature of it all…. “EAT all you want! But make sure the ghost don’t catch you unless you touch some mysterious glowing orb, and then only for a few seconds you could eat them also! Well wonder why ghost paranormal researchers see orbs as ghosts? Well there you go… But it could be a host of other reasons for that. But hey it’s engraved in our minds.

Anyway the famed game has now lived on for 4 decades! Marking this a major landmark, and not just another birthday for the yellow fat bastard you see as with old age he also is aging, and now Pac-Man has turned 40 years old as of today May 22nd, 2020. The video game debuted in Tokyo, Japan at an arcade on May 22nd, 1980.

The game originally was called, “Puck-Man.” This name was changed because the games American distributor was worried that kids would change the “P” to an “F” on the marquee. The company then decided to change the name to “Pac-Man.”

To this day, only a handful of people have completed a perfect game. This is when players finish with no lives lost and the maximum number of points at each level. I have got close to this level of perfection a couple of times to only be foiled by those darn pesky ghosts, and the sped up levels at the end. But what fun I had playing this game as a kid… Loved every minute spent, and so with a lot of joy and glee I wish Pac-Man a most happiest of 40th birthday.

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