🙏🙌🕯️🎂🕯️🙌🙏Today my mother would have been 81

So I wanted to take this time and reflect on the most special person in my life… My mother. I wanted to say how much I miss my mom who passed away 5 years ago now, and today is a day we used always sing Happy birthday to her. The worlds most wonderful mother anyone could have asked for… I sit here now after spending sometime at her grave site today, and doing a lot of crying, and talking to her, and I tell you time has flown by since she left on March 7th 2016 and it seems like it was just yesterday I was talking to her about going to see our first movie at the theaters together. Something she never did for years because movies just wasn’t her thing… She was big on tv, and day time dramas, and “telenovelas” as they call them in spanish. But movies were never her thing much until an actor from one of her favorite telenovela made a movie that hit theaters, and she said she wanted to see it. You can imagine my SHOCK as she never went to theaters with me as a kid, and mostly my dad, and I would spend time at theaters, and we could watch movies all the time even up until recently. We saw Man of Steel together, the 3 new Star Wars movies. My pops is a big screen junky like me… My mom again not so much.

So when she said she wanted to go I was excited as you can imagine, and off I went to get the early tickets, and the night of it was picture perfect. My mom, and I had an awesome time the movie was great, and it’s a memory I have with me forever.

The only one of her going to see a movie with me mind you. I wish I had more memories like those but we spent a lot of time together hanging out, and shopping, and over the years anytime I’ve had to go and see a Doctor it’s been my mom who has gone with me. My mom is my hero in life… She risked her life to come to this country with me as a baby, and my brother as a 13 year old boy. Both in bad health condition, and I was near dying from having infections from chickenpox as a small child. I literally was not breathing as my mother was getting off the boat in 1980 and first thing that she was was begg for medics to save me, and help me. I was revived in Miami and I’m alive now thanks to my mothers quick thinking, and I’m in AMERICA thanks to her wanting her FREEDOM from the dictatorship in Cuba.

An entire novel and movie could be done about my mothers struggles, and dealing with her breakdown when my brother ended up going to prison in the mid 80’s. But via all the pain, and the dark days my mother never let me be without a thing I needed. Not a god damn thing!

This is why she’s to me the greatest mother I could have ever ask for, and my mom folks was always by my side, and never once abandoned me or did anything wrong to any of her kids… Again the worlds greatest mom… And on March 7th 2016 cancer took her away from us a week before her birthday.

My life changed that night, and I’ve never been the same… I tried to end my own life twice in 2016 after she died, and still to this day those thoughts come into my mind. The only thing keeping me alive is my dad who’s here still, and is also a wonderful man. He’s been there with me dealing with it as best as he can, and he’s been a great shoulder to lean on. The only one who was the until my mother took her final breath with me was my dad. My sister had gone home for the night, my brother had left early because he didn’t want to be there for some reason… I found out he was working and only showed up after she passed. My nephews all showed up after she had passed… At the end it was me, and my dad who held her hand, and saw her leave this place to whereever one heads to after they passaway.

I went to spend sometime by her grave site today, and seen newish flowers so I think my brother had gone by, and probably replaced the last batch recently. Probably on the 7th… I can’t go much it hurts a lot to be there, and know that she’s not with me anymore. I miss her so much, and I’m posting this to everyone so you understand life is precious, and we’re here one minute, and gone the next. IF you’re one of the lucky ones, and you still have your mom, dad, kids, loved ones alive. Tell them you love them, and don’t be shy about it. Don’t wait until it’s too late, and they’re gone.

God bless you all, and rest in peace to the greatest mother I could have ever ask for… Irma Cristina Horta-Acosta. Love you forever mom.

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