Growing Number Of Californians Opting To Leave The State!

Not that this would shock anyone but it’s become more, and more clear that living in places like California, and New York ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be. But now experts say that over the decade, over 150,000 people have left the state of California and that number is expected to climb as remote working options increase during the coronavirus pandemic. The KungFlu is not just forcing people to reevaluate finances but reconsider living situations, and as a result, business at local moving companies is surging.

“It is hard to keep up with the demand,” said Daniel Carrillo with Pasadena Moving Company. “In our whole history, we’ve never seen that before. We used to have maybe 5% to 7% of our moves out of state.” He continued by saying “That affordability motivator for going to a place where they can actually afford to be a homeowner is still there, and now they’ve got that wind in the sails in terms of that flexibility to be able to do that while still keeping their California-based jobs,” Jordan Levine, a Senior Economist with the California Association of Realtors.

A Record number of people are moving from California to nearby states, including Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and in some cases Oregon and Washington some people are also choosing to move to other affordable locations in the state.

“Areas that are more affordable and folks can actually achieve home ownership now that they’re not strapped to these more dense, urban areas,” Levine said. Businesses are also making the leap to change their headquarters, including Santa Monica-based test prep company Test Max. Soon, it will relocated to Tempe, Arizona. Tax experts say if you lose your job and move out of state, some of those moving expenses can be deducted. Additionally, Southern California home prices are currently at record levels. In August, the median home price in the region was up more than 12% a year earlier, according to data from CoreLogic/DQNews.

Experts say the median home price is being impacted by an increase in luxury homes along with the flexibility of remote working options is sending people away from the city, where they can get more space and amenities. Also remember the fires in a lot of the major parts of California are also causing major problems with not just people losing their homes but the pollution level is horrible in the state.

Remember when 2pac made California LOVE? Well the start of that video were it’s all MADMAX is what California is going to be looking like for real very soon.

Soon this meme below will become reality!

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