Greg Gutfeld: Something has got to be done about Adam Schiff

I agree 100% with Greg Gutfeld on this Adam Schiff belongs in prison for Treason, and folks I’m not joking. This man cost this country 4 years of total bullshit with the fake impeachment of the President, and cost us taxpayers Millions of dollars, and countless lives. He should be on death row for the b.s he’s done. He’s a criminal to a level I’ve never seen. The way he lies, and lied about the PRESIDENT… I mean look I get it the left, and right are always at odds but to do what he did and lie, and make up shit just to try and turn an entire media, and country against our president just because he was told to is wrong.

He, and Nancy Pelosi belong in prison as far as I’m concerned. IF you’re still under their spell you should not just watch the video below but check out ALL of the other stuff that these people have done in the last 4 years. It’s become very clear who the bad guys are here folks, and don’t let some hand out that hardly pays your rent fool you… MOST of the so called stimulus money is going to big companies that back the left, and this is why the President refused to back the original bills, and had to make Nancy Pelosi cave in at one point on her demands.

We only got the first round of $1,200 cause the PRESIDENT wanted to give us the money…. The left only agreed if THEY had their way on what amount, and how much went where… The only ones who should have got a penny is us USA Citizens who avg under 90k a year, are disabled, and can’t pay the bills now due to the covid-19 outbreak… Oh and small business owners. PERIOD!

The hell does roads and other infrastructures have to do with the stimulus to the people? Give the Citizens money during the lockdown no problem. Give money to Amazon, Publix, and movie studios? Give me a break folks those are BILLION dollar industries.

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