Got to meet Mayor candidate Elvis Maldonado!

So I had the pleasure of getting to speak to Elvis Maldonado as he’s out campaigning for Mayor in Homestead, and what a nice man. Had a very pleasant chat with him and it turns out we’re on the same page on our politics, and views in a lot of things, and like myself he’s a podcaster, and while I knew about him, and his running for Mayor I didn’t meet him until Sunday afternoon in person.

After spending my time speaking to him, and hearing from him on what he wants to do for the city, and how he wants to help make this city better I can say I fully endorse him for Mayor of Homestead, and so I’ve placed a banner on my site here, and will fully endorse him for the job. I will be out voting for him in the upcoming oct elections, and hope to see some of my friends in Florida who are near the Homestead area to vote for Elvis Maldonado. Check into him he’s a very real and genuine person.

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