Goodbye James Lipton… RIP

Iconic host of ‘Inside the Actors Studio,’ James Lipton has passed away at 93 years old. News of his passing was confirmed by Ovation TV, which currently airs “Inside the Actors Studio” after a long run on Bravo.

On the show as host he would bring on some of Hollywood’s biggest names, and conduct a one-on-one interview in front of audiences of students as a collaborative effort between the Actors Studio and the New School. He became dean of the Actors Studio Drama School, which offered degrees in acting.

The show attracted some of the biggest named Hollywood over the decades, including Dave Chappelle, Anthony Hopkins, Amy Poehler, Dustin Hoffman, Bradley Cooper, Robert Downey Jr, Jim Carrey, had a longtime SNL skit by Will Ferrell, and interviewed many other giant names.

The Los Angeles Times called him “the interviewer who could book pretty much everybody.” The TV show was nominated for 20 Emmys during Lipton’s run. The Actors Studio was originally founded by director Elia Kazan as a workshop for artists.

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