‘Go force yourself’: Mark Hamill Bullys kids now?

‘Go force yourself’: Actor Mark Hamill calls Ivanka Trump a ‘fraud’ for Star Wars photo which shows her kid wearing a Stormtroopers outfit. A nice family picture, and this old moron has to go, and throw his garbage leftist hate the way his movies are headed. INTO THE TRASH… You know I’ve had enough with Mark Hamill and cannot wait until this idiot just goes back into the troll cave he came out of. All he’s known for in his entire film career was Star Wars right? In live action anyway we know he did Joker’s voice, and while he got lucky he latched on to those two roles it’s a reason why nobody else would cast him in a major movie. He’s an asshole!

Who the hell bullies a child and his family in an innocent picture on twitter? A complete, and total asshole, and this reason, and many other things like the last Solo Movie, and the movie “Last Jedi” are reasons why people are just not giving a shit about STAR WARS anymore. The movies, actors, and directors attached have all come off as assholes, dirtbags, and self centered leftist socialist trolls.

But what Mark has done now is crossing lines! He’s openly bullying a family picture which is showing a child dressed in a Star Wars outfit. For this is the final straw for me… Hey MARK I Don’t have to pay to see your POS movies you know that right? IN FACT I will never support ANYTHING you sir are involved in. Goodbye loser go back into the parade you crawled out of.

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