Glenn Beck Chalkboard BlazeTV Videos! Must watch material guys.

I’ve got to say I’ve become a big fan of Glenn over the years before Trump was even in office. He’s always come across as a level headed patriot of this country with a great sense of humor, and a knack for good old fashion honest reporting. When he’s made mistakes he’s openly admitted to them, and I’ve found myself agreeing more, and more with him, and well I had to share his videos here for all to see. These are very important to what’s happening now in our country. MUST WATCH TV GUYS!

By the way this is all via BlazeTV and I’m not owner of these videos, and these are direct links to where they’re being sourced which is the YouTube for BlazeTV… So check the entire CH out for other great video content from everyone there not just Glenn.

Glenn Beck Lays Out Evidence That Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother.

UKRAINE SCANDAL EXPLAINED: Chalkboard on DNC Collusion, Joe Biden, Soros, Trump & More

Ukraine: The Democrats’ Russia:

Check out the official YouTube for BlazeTV

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