Gaige Grosskreutz regrets “not being able to kill” Kyle Rittenhouse

While Patriot Kyle Rittenhouse (17-year-old) was laying on the ground after being chased, having a molotov cocktail thrown at him and finally being hit in head with a skateboard. Gaige Grosskreutz approached the prone Rittenhouse and pulled out a pistol when Rittenhouse let out a shot from his rifle striking Grosskreutz in the arm. Almost blowing his arm off, and following the shooting Grosskreutz, who is recovering, reportedly told a friend he wished he had killed Rittenhouse.

Grooskreutz is a member of the People’s Revolution Movement of Milwaukee. A records search found Grosskreutz previously faced charges of felony burglary, theft of moveable property, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. As a felon it was illegal for Grosskreutz to be in possession of a firearm.  

The other two attackers – Jospeh Rosenbaum, a registered sex offender identified as the thrower of the molotov cocktail, and Anthony Huber, a repeat arrestee for domestic abuse were killed by Rittenhouse. Before the shooting Rittenhouse told the Daily Caller he was protecting businesses in the area. Earlier in the day he was spotted cleaning up graffiti with other classmates who went down in an act of goodwill, and to help the community as things turned violent things escalated, and it took a dark turn.  

“By all evidence I see, Rittenhouse’s actions were entirely consistent within his rights of self defense under Wisconsin law,” Robert Barnes, an L.A.-based civil rights attorney, told the Kenosha Reporter. This is a fact from all accounts, and for this scumbag Gaige Grosskreutz saying what he did, and knowing he had illegally had a firearm since he was a felon. This guy belongs in prison. This is a close case, and Kyle needs to get am open appology from the state for the way he’s been treated. All that happened in this was he survived, and a rapist of kids is off the streets, and this idiot Gaige won’t be jerking off with his right arm for a long time if ever again. lmao! Fuck that idiot.

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