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Bill Birnes was the consulting producer and lead host of UFO Hunters. He has been producing shows since the 1950s when he started his puppet show called Future Theater. He has written and produced shows in high school, college, as a counselor in summer camp, for Lifetime television, A&E, and for History Channel.

Bill’s first career was academic, earning a Ph.D. and a law degree. He taught linguistics at Trenton State College for more years than he cares to remember and then in 1983, Nancy and Bill started their book production company Shadow Lawn Press. They’ve produced, edited, and written over 30 books on topics ranging from computer languages to serial killers to cookbooks.

Nancy Hayfield Birnes is not a natural talk-show person. You will notice that, right away. If you decide to listen, you will be listening to a writer who doesn’t get out much, and so therefore has a lot of thoughts and ideas building up all week … but remember, this is a writer we’re talking about, and so those thougts and ideas will at least be described in a fun, unique manner.

She has been a reporter since the 11th grade in high school, which was 1964. She has won awards for writing, including the Samuel Shellabarger Award for Creative Writing when she graduated from Princeton, summa cum laude, in 1979. A listener with a conspiratorial bent might find something wrong with those two sets of numbers, and he’d be right.

Nancy is the Liberal Arts major on their show — the one who will ask those rather important, yet still exceedingly dumb questions when we have a scientist or engineer on the show. Especially when we have a physicist or a rocket scientist.

Hosted by Bill & Nancy Birnes

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