FULL PRESS CONFERENCE: Donald Trump BASHES Media To Their Face

FULL PRESS CONFERENCE: Donald Trump BASHES Media To Their Face, this is why I voted for this man, and I’m super happy he won. This is the President this nation needs, and we need him to call out the players of evil, and really drain the swamp. We need a wall, we need illegals to come in legally, and we need to know whose coming in and out of our country, and why. Not cause it’s racist. But because it’s for NATIONAL Security, and I’m 100% supporter of our nation having national security, and being careful of what, and who we let in the USA. Last thing we want is a TROJAN horse of people letting off b.s news, gas lighting media lies, and or spreading drugs, and viruses that could kill us all.

Love this speech, and thought I’d post it as it’s clear this man doesn’t cater to the media Mr Trump cares about the USA, and it’s citizens who are here legally… He’s not a racist he’s a nationalist, and if being a nationalist who loves AMERICA is racist than don’t come here, and stay in your shit hole of a country which clearly you left cause well it was a total shit show. Why would these people come here, and try and turn this country into the hot mess they left? Think about it folks…. This is what the DemocRATS, and evil socialist want, and have been working for since Bill Clinton became President and it’s becoming more, and more clear to us all who the real evildoers are.

Speak the truth Mr President…

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