Freedom Caucus hold a ‘transparency’ press conference, and much more!

Rep. Gaetz, Freedom Caucus hold a ‘transparency’ press conference

Impeachment was not intended to be a political weapon against a president, civilian, and or another politician simply because you dislike them.

This abuse of power, and weaponization of our political processes, and this is definitely NOT protected by our Constitution. Pelosi, Nedler, Schiff and the rest of these people belong in prison. This is TREASON!

Happy to see the Republicans finally stand up to the left, and make themselves known, and now they just gotta shoot all this junk down when it hits the senate. IF the left even let the proper way of doing this goes down if they keep going down this illegal path I think this will cause Civil War in this country. This is all being ran by the socialist left trying to hijack our country folks. DON’T Let this happen! #VoteTrump2020

‘The Five’ reacts to House GOP storming closed-door impeachment hearing.

Hannity on Democrats’ ‘Soviet-style’ impeachment inquiry

Chaffetz: Republicans are finally playing offense on impeachment

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