Fredo Cuomo loses it!

Chris Cuomo’s “Fredo” Blowup & A Racist! Am I shocked by this video? Nope this guys a complete moron, and tool. He really is a “Fredo!” I know he’s trying to come off as “tough” in the video but I’ve had a few fights, and what’s happening here is he’s acting tough to show off in public that he’s not gonna take name calling. Funny when all this moron does is name call the President things he’s not, and now look he can’t take it! He knows how to dish it out on his horrible tv show but when he’s confronted by someone well he doesn’t throw a punch cause he’s a weak punk bitch! But he trash talks, and waits to get hit so he can sue.

Watch for yourself this weak dumb moron in action! All this because someone called him Fredo! And to compare that to the “N” word is moronic! Nobody who was a slave was ever called Fredo! He’s mad cause Fredo was the weak brother in the godfather movies… Well he’s dumb so what do you expect!

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