Florida spike in coronavirus cases

So I wonder how many of these new cases in Florida’s spike in coronavirus cases could be as a result of the so called civil unrest? There is already talk that it could lead to another stay-at-home order in Miami, mayor says.

Today was the third consecutive day the state reported a staggering amount of new infections… hmmmm wonder why?

As morons, and idiots or “protesters” continue to march in big gatherings following the death of the now “Saint George Floyd”, as the media is painting this career criminal, and businesses gradually resume their reopening’s, these new numbers from the Florida Department of Health paint a troubling trend when it comes to the Chinese virus.

“It does concern me to see these numbers going up, particularly when I’m looking at hospitalizations, as they go up,” said Dr. Aileen Marty from the Florida International University College of Medicine.

An additional 2,581 coronavirus cases were reported statewide on Saturday, setting a new daily record.

That includes 214 new cases among Broward County residents and startling 576 new cases in Miami-Dade.

Doctor Marty studies infectious diseases at FIU and attributes part of the rise to the recent protests.

“That brought a lot of people together, some of whom were not careful and got too close together, and of course were shouting, which helps the virus,”

While many beaches and businesses are also reopening, Dr. Marty said it may be too soon to know if that is also contributing to the alarming, statewide spike… No shit Sherlock!

“We want to have the economy open, but we can only do that if we’re all recognizing that there is this incredibly dangerous virus,” said Dr. Marty. So what these idiots are doing is just infecting themselves.

It’s a trend Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is also watching closely, and said that “There are major concerns as the cases continue to rise,” while
appearing on “Good Morning America” earlier today (Saturday 06-13-2020), Suarez would not rule out issuing another stay at home order if the number of new cases continues to increase.

“We have been data driven since the first day, and we are going to continue to be data driven,” he said. “We may have to make some decisions after this weekend.” Hey here would be a hilarious idea! What if most of those idiots protesting, and rioting ALL get sick and a big chunk of them drop dead!? We know they’re probably not voting for Trump right? To quote Charlie Sheen… “WINNING!”

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