Students in Orlando, Fla Build Seven-Foot Tall Robot Hall Monitor

Florida Lockhart Middle School in Orlando, Florida Build Seven-Foot Tall Robot Hall Monitor with a camera and a moveable arm. As they stated they said that “That is the robocop,” eighth-grader Paris Robinson said. “It patrols the hallways on our campus and keeps kids in class.”

“They learn how to weld, design, and create a robocop, electric cars, and airplane,” explained teacher Roger Barrios. Hall Monitor Bob was built as part of ‘Project Lead the Way,’ a year-long event that promotes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. Over 170 students are involved in the program, and they make more than just robot hall monitors.

The students also built a replica of a Horten Ho 229 World War II plane. The plane has a wingspan of more than 50 feet and is capable of flying. The students love the project because it allows them to have fun while learning instead of just sitting behind a desk doing book work. “It used to be just paperwork, and we would be reading textbooks,” said eighth-grader Ronin Ehrhart. “But they’re making a lot of the curriculum hands-on.”

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