‘Florida is dead to me!’ Actor John Leguizamo trashes the Sunshine State

‘Florida is dead to me!’ Actor John Leguizamo helps lead torrent of hate against folks in the Sunshine State, and for an actor who has not had a hit movie in years, and he’s so bad of an actor his “CLOWN” in Spawn was the reason for much hate of the movie, and someone who was added to the Mandalorian series, and he was reduced to playing an Alien in a costume and who’s voice was changed. IN Other words… They didn’t like him enough to let him have a normal part. But this small almost midget size Latino socialist idiot has the nerve to trash both my state and people? Well here John a big FUCK YOU! From now a former fan… I used to like him in the 90’s before he fell off, and Met him at the premier of the movie The Pest… We hung out at then Planet Hollywood in Coconut Grove. John who had just got out from having watched the movie signed a poster of the movie “The Pest” which I still have actually framed.

The same night at Plane Hollywood next door we got let in by him, and met Jenifer Lopez, and a few other celebs… At one point John started to “hit on me” which I took as maybe a joke, and didn’t think much of it. I told him I wasn’t gay, and left that place feeling a bit weird about it. Over the years I felt conflicted over the whole thing but didn’t come forward until now because fuck it if he wants to lie, and trash my people I’m going to say the truth about him, and expose him.

Like I said I can show proof I was there… I got his poster signed by him, and a MENU of Planet Hollywood signed by Jennifer Lopez for those who need proof that I was there. I do a video about this for YouTube, and this folks is a real #MeToo moment, and if John wants to talk shit I’m going to get real on him.

Here is the report below and yes I get it Leftists are mad over the 2020 presidential election why? Because the residents of Florida, including the countless Cuban refugees who fled socialist-styled oppression to seek sanctuary here in Miami Florida, dared to commit the unforgivable sin of voting against policies that would have advantaged others at their expense. Leftists like anti-Trump zealot John Leguizamo, a Colombian immigrant who angrily tweeted Wednesday that “Florida is dead to me” and that he doesn’t care anymore if the state’s 21+ million “lemmings drive their golf carts into the ocean!”

His anger was over Florida going red in the 2020 race… Well I’m about to go hyperbolic on truth about this leftist idiot. Other high-profile leftists have been just as venomous in their rage over Florida citizens choosing to prioritize their own interests over those of, say, elitist Hollywood celebrities like Leguizamo who’re worth millions upon millions upon millions of dollars.

Such “nice” and “tolerant” people… As to the claim that “nobody” likes Florida, as of Thursday results from the still-ongoing 2020 election showed that over 68.5 million Americans and counting had voted for President Donald Trump, and 5.6 million had come from Florida. This means that outside of Florida, there are at least 62.9 million Americans who agree with us in Florida who also voted for Trump.

And regarding those so-called “lemmings,” many of them are of Hispanic origin just like Leguizamo, and that makes leftists like him very angry. The very night of the election, The New York Times’ writer Ida Bae Wells, the creator of the discredited 1619 Project, argued that the term Latinos shouldn’t exist anymore because Hispanics who support conservative policies and principles are white.

Such a large number of Latinos in Florida voted for Trump because both Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden and vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris have repeatedly flirted with socialist ideas and principles. Just this week the VP nominee posted an advertisement whose messaging was practically “right out of the Cuban communist manifesto.”

In the ad, Harris contrasted equal treatment — which involves everybody receiving fair and equal treatment — with equitable treatment, which involves resources being redistributed so that everybody “start[s] in the same place.”

“There’s a big difference between equality and equity. Equality suggests, ‘Oh, everyone should get the same amount.’ The problem with that, not everybody’s starting in the same place,” she said in the disturbing 50-second advertisement. Writing for Reason magazine, Robby Soave explained why what she’d said was extremely problematic.

“A government should be obligated to treat all citizens equally, giving them the same access to civil rights and liberties like voting, marriage, religious freedom, and gun ownership. The government cannot deny rights to certain people because they are black, female, Muslim, etc.—this would be unequal treatment,” he wrote.

“A mandate to foster equity, though, would give the government power to violate these rights in order to achieve identical social results for all people. In accordance with this thinking, the authorities might be justified in giving some people more rights than others. Indeed, this would arguably be strictly necessary, in order to create a society where everyone ends up in the exact same situation.”

In other words, to foster equity, you must implement an authoritarian Communist government, period, because there’s no other way to redistribute resources and rights, and so naturally, Latinos in Florida particularly those who fled oppression in Cuba or are the children of Cuban refugees weren’t too thrilled at this prospect. Perhaps Florida’s white, black and Asian Trump supporters weren’t either.

But does Leguizamo have any interest in learning about their reasons for voting for the president? It doesn’t seem like it. It appears he’d rather just spew vitriol instead. So now my #MeToo moment is here, and I didn’t think I would ever publicly air him out but I will.

Trump supporters in Miami-Dade say re-election is being stolen from him… Check out this report.
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – For Cuban-American families who live in Westchester and Tamiami, La Carreta in southwest Miami-Dade County is the place to go for Cuban food and political outrage. It’s as popular as the Versailles Restaurant is for families in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood.

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For years, the crowded “Ventanita” and its Cuban coffee has been the ideal place to spark up conversations with strangers about Republicans, Democrats and Communists. It wasn’t any different on Thursday night. Barbara Balmaseda, who campaigned with Latinos for Trump, said she was glad Florida turned red, but she was watching other states in horror.

“I think that a lot of states need to update the way they’re counting their ballots,” said Balmaseda, “The way they’re counting ballots has been a little suspicious.”

Except for allegations from the Trump campaign, Balmaseda didn’t have any specific reports to support her allegation. Dozens of Trump supporters there felt the same way. They believed President Donald Trump when he said he had lost faith in the electoral process and the reelection had been stolen from him.

Judges have already dismissed Trump’s attorneys’ claims in Georgia and Michigan. In Pennsylvania, Trump’s campaign attorneys managed to get a judge to allow observers to monitor election workers in Philadelphia. Trump said they were doing so from a distance which wasn’t enough.

Omar Barral is one of the many Trump supporters who were standing outside of La Carreta on Thursday night. He couldn’t believe Biden won Wisconsin with such a slim margin. Election officials reported Trump won 48.9% of the vote in Wisconsin and Biden won 49.6% of the vote there. His victory cost Trump 10 electoral votes.

“All of the sudden 130,000 votes go to Biden in Wisconsin for no reason,” Barral said. “No Sir! There is fraud going on.”