Feel the BERN! As we say bye to another communist A-Hole

In a move we all saw coming like the end of the 1999 movie by James Cameron Titanic! Senator Bernie Sanders, the communist Democrat from Vermont, ends his presidential bid today. Sanders says former Vice President Joe Biden will be the party nominee. Well no shit sherlock!

Oh, and Biden stands no chance of winning either…. I’d like for him to talk about his sexual assault charge from 1993 tho publically. Can anyone in the media bring that up? Why do I think I’m going to be hearing crickets on that from the Media!?? Anyway here is the video below enjoy the laugh as he of course takes a shot at Trump, and says more lies about the President. He also goes on, and on about smoking grass, and listening to the roots or some TREE hugging hippie communist crap. Either way this old fart is now out. 1 more to go, Quid Pro JOE “turn around your facing the wrong way dork the crowd is in front not back of you, and don’t fight with your voters you fool” Biden. Who never saw a supporter he didn’t want to punch in the face for the Malarkey of wanting to vote for him. Such malarkey!

Anyway enjoy this old POS here on video telling his 22 supporters that his time in this run is done, and (like he had a shot!) he will be now moving out of the bid for good. How nice we’re in a crisis, and he still we care about him or Biden trying to steal an election from each other, and then the real President Donald Trump. LMAO!

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