Exposing leftists Cockroach! 🏆

So in a new series of monthly posts where I plan on doing is to expose leftists idiots who smear, lie, and are simply communist/socialists cockroaches on social media. This month we have an Oct winner already only 3 days in! Debbie Kilpatrick @DebbieKgalvet who decided to not just to post a meme of Trumps head on a roach! Notice the crazy almost Charles Manson glazed look in her eyes… Sort of reminds of Mayor De Blasios daughter Chiara de Blasio from Antifa, and AOC! And also the sort of crazy bug eyes A LOT of these liberals sport these days.
So Debbie here wants to be known? Well let’s shine the spotlight on her! 🙂

As she goes on to lie about Trump about the whole “standing by white supremacy” guess she is either too stupid or a Socialist/Communist who hasn’t watched him being asked this same crap over, and over! She’s our big head on a roach winner!

Notice her tweet below, and again the video I made of 2016/2020 debates, and how Trump is always asked to condemn white supremacy, and the actual racist in Biden/Clinton are not!

By the way Debbie you idiot! “Proud Boys” are NOT “White Supremacists.” These are the proud boys… Check out the leader a black dude, and check out how inclusive these “White Supremacists” are.
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