EXCLUSIVE – FULL VIDEO: Leaked police bodycam footage shows George Floyd’s arrest for the first time

The terror on George Floyd’s face could be seen like he was so high he wasn’t thinking right. Remember he was found to be FUCKED up on drugs as the Autopsy proved. Fentanyl is a DEA Schedule II synthetic morphine substitute anesthetic/analgesic. It is reported to be 80 to 200 times as potent as morphine and has a rapid onset of action as well as addictive properties. It is prescribed to patients who become intolerant to other pain-curing medications.

Hennepin County medical examiners released the toxicology report on June 2nd, 2020 which stated that George Floyd was indeed intoxicated with Fentanyl, Methamphetamine, and traces of cannabinoids and morphine at the time of his death. However, these were not termed the principal factors behind Floyd’s death. Floyd has an extensive criminal past related to the drug trade and use.

So when a rookie cop points a gun at his head while he sits in his car can be seen today for the first time in the 8min long body cam makes sense why he over reacted? Does this excuse his resisting arrest? NOPE! Does this excuse his past criminal life? NOPE!

Let’s take a look at George Floyd Baggie: Cocaine Arrests Record…

George Floyd’s criminal record includes 5 convictions related to theft, possession, and trade of coke. Floyd was arrested five times in 20 years, his last cocaine arrest dates back in 2005.

George was also linked to two convictions in the 1990s for possession and theft of a controlled substance (cocaine). However, it is not clear whether or not Floyd served his time in prison for this felony.

George was accused of a firearm robbery in August 1998 for which he served 10 months at Harris County Jail. In April 2002, Floyd was condemned to 30 days of prison for trespassing private property.

George Floyd was involved in two more cocaine offenses, in October 2002 and in 2004, for which he did eight-months and ten-months sentence in prison respectively. Another cocaine possession conviction in Dec 2005, Floyd was arrested for having cocaine on him and served 10 months in state jail. After a few months, Floyd’s charge was upgraded, amending the cocaine amount he possessed to be about 4 grams. However, according to the records, the alleged charge was lifted because Floyd convinced the jury that he had less than 1 gram of cocaine.

I have obtained video from the body cams of the officers Thomas Lane and Alex Kueng, who were part of Floyd’s fatal arrest on Memorial Day in Minneapolis. Floyd died after Officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for nine minutes on May 25, 2020 as we all now know.

The tapes show in this 8 minute cut the details how Floyd begs ‘Mr. Officer, please don’t shoot me. Please man,’ before the struggle that ended with his death. He was NOT shot or in danger of being shot but was using this as a tactic to gain sympathy from the officer who was doing his JOB!

It also shows how Floyd resisted as the cops tried to force him into the back of the car, telling them he suffers from claustrophobia and anxiety, and fails to mention ALL the drugs he had in his system, and that he was sick with the KungFlu. Putting everyone at risk for contamination this includes the person in the car with him who sold him more drugs, and left the scene soon as he saw the situation was getting bad. Wonder if he spread the bug to others?

The video begins with Lane knocking on Floyd’s car window with a flashlight and once Floyd opens the door, Lane pulls out his gun and points it at Floyd’s head. Floyd, 46, begs him not to shoot, saying: ”I’ll look at you eye-to-eye. Please don’t shoot me man. I just lost my mom, man’. He sobs as the officers pull him out of the car and handcuff him, as his ex suggests he was undergoing mental problems and was afraid of police. After the struggle to get Floyd in the cop car, he is suddenly on the sidewalk with Chauvin’s knee on his neck. Floyd says he can’t breathe numerous times and calls for his ‘momma’ but his voice slowly gets weaker as his life drains away, even saying ‘I’ll probably just die this way’. This is where Chauvin fucked up. He should have as a cop known better, and pulled his leg off, and tried to help. He belongs in prison… But Floyd was no saint. DO I Feel bad for him? YES! IS his death enough to justify civil unrest, and the defunding of all police? NO. This wasn’t racial, and this was just a case of bad police work done by a man who had a history with Floyd. AND Knew who he was before hand.

Here is the uncut videos below…

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