ESTUBETO O’Rourke… You’re the racist!

When I say “A SNOWFLAKE SOCIOPATH SNAPPING at Media on El Paso Tragedy!” or “You know the SH*T” HE SAY’S! “Says! I don’t know PRESS, WHAT THE F*CK connect the dots! It’s RACISM!” Who does everyone on the left think off when watching those quotes there? They would say “what is President Trump!” why? Because this is how stupid some have become.

Yet some like POTUS wannabe (But has zero chance of being) Beto O’Rourke seem to be born with the stupid DNA already embedded in them like a “Stupid dumbass” human version of plug, and play.

WOW! Hey Beto the POTUS didn’t talk like that ever! Why you so mad? I mean you’re wrong! I’d like to see the media ask him ok when has Trump actually said those things about MEXICANS? Trump has said it about “GANGS” and “ILLEGALS” which is a concept hard to understand for someone as fucking stupid as EstuBETO O’PORK as I like to call him. This human filth on the far left masquerading as a candidate for POTUS.

Never forget who he is…

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