Epstein ‘victim’ alleges she was ‘paraded in Mar-a-Lago’ + more?

PRESIDENT Donald Trump was introduced to one of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victims. The main girl who is said Epstein had a decade long relationship with her, and who was sexually abuse by Epstein, and his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell. This is what the victim’s lawsuit claims… Anyone who has heard me defend Trump on this is well aware of how I’ve spoken about Trump and his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Well now comes confirmation to what I’ve been saying for years…

The unnamed woman “Jane Doe” is reportedly suing Epstein’s estate and claims that when she was just 14 years old when the billionaire took her to Mar-a-Lago, where he introduced her to Trump. So Epstein, the girl and Ghislaine Maxwell as a lot of Rich people did they went to the resort to spend a weekend.

Here is what is reported as being said by Epstein as he introduce Trump… “This is a good one, right?” she claims Epstein said as he allegedly elbowed Trump “playfully” during the introduction at his Florida estate. Remember TRUMP ran a beauty pageant and Jeffrey was trying to run a Modeling agency, and from all indications Jeffrey was trying to get the girl into modeling, and in on the pagent which was coming up.

“There is NO suggestion that the president knew she was underage or was involved in any abuse.” – Jane Doe & Ghislaine Maxwell

Trump never had any doing in Pedo Island or with underage girls, and was only friends with Epstein because of a business deal in the 80’s involving a building Epstein needed built. That was Trumps main business remember. Trump is believed to have met Epstein in 1987 and described him as a “terrific guy” in a 2002 New York Magazine profile, according to Business Insider. However, the president has claimed that the two had a “falling out” more than a decade ago and declared he was “not a fan” of his former pal.

“I had a falling out a long time ago with him. I don’t think I’ve spoken to him in 15 years,” Trump told at the White House last July, as reported by CNBC. “I was not a fan of his.” The falling out had to do when Epstein tried to make a move on a female employee at Mar-a-Lagos resort. Trump didn’t like what was told to him, and based on the info he banned Epstein from his resorts, and HOTELS! He also spoke to prosecutors later on and was a catalyst for how Epstein got arrested.

The anonymous victim also claims she was the late pedophile’s “guinea pig” for Epstein and his alleged pimp Ghislaine Maxwell’s abuse, according to the lawsuit. The woman alleges she met the former couple when she was only 13 at Interlochen Center for the Arts, a Michigan arts camp Epstein donated to and attended as a teenager.

In her suit filed in the Southern District of New York, the victim claims she was approached by Epstein and Maxwell while she sat alone on a bench, and the pair allegedly began to ask her about her family life and groomed the girl for nearly a year before moving her from her hometown in Florida to New York, where she claims Epstein paid for her education.

“Over the course of the next several months, Epstein and Maxwell attempted to groom and mentor the 13-year-old Jane Doe,” the lawsuit says. “Epstein have himself the name of Doe’s ‘godfather’ while Maxwell acted like an older sister to her. They took her to movies, went shopping with her and lounged around Epstein’s estate with her.

“Epstein and Maxwell then started to make sexual references when they were with her.’ The teen claimed Epstein displayed his pedophile tendencies when they went shopping and insisted she buy children’s underwear. But when the teen expressed concern about the amount of time she was spending with the pair they threatened her and called her “ungrateful”.

Details included in the lawsuit are similar to ones filed anonymously by other alleged Epstein victims and in other court documents that led to Maxwell’s arrest last Thursday. As the claims against Maxwell continue to surface, investigative evidence of Epstein’s Zorro Ranch was sent to federal investigators on Tuesday. Epstein allegedly raped and sexually assaulted his underage victims at the sprawling estate in New Mexico.

A few employees are still working at the site, seen here from the skies, but the multi-room white mansion is believed to be empty, with all of the curtains drawn and the ‘Z’ logo still visible on the side of the building.

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