So it’s clear he was a clone!

While this is how I figured they would do it the movie really failed to tell us how he was still alive, and behind the entire evil plot of the new trilogy. The idea was one I kicked around 2 years on The Round Table and was told it would never happen like that but after The Last Jedi this was the only way I saw them ending the trilogy. JJ Abrams said he wanted to tie the 3 trilogies, and CLONES were mentioned once in The Force Awakens so this was something that doesn’t shock me. The idea is on point the payoff… Well it could have been better.

The crazy thing is while a lot of fans are not super hyped with the way the movie came out neither was JJ Abrams the director who from some reports was pissed off with the movies final cut as it wasn’t his cut. Some fans have joked to that there should be a DC like movement to get a “JJ ABRAMS Directors CUT” released. While Disney, and Abrams have both said there wont be one the mouse house, and Lucasfilms are letting it be known that it is canon that the Emperor in Rise of Skywalker was a clone.

The information comes to us via The novelization of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker finally reveals the truth about how Palpatine survived – he was a clone all along!

To me as a fan this sucks because this sort of information, and a better set up for the character is something the movie really needed. It’s sad the trilogy ended up so badly when it had such a promising start. While I understand JJ was handcuffed in what he could do considering how he had to follow the most fan divisive Star Wars movies ever in The Last Jedi. So there it is folks the Emperor was a clone in Rise of Skywalker.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the news? Do you hate it? Does this make the movie better? Leave me your comments below.

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