The world is on lockdown! But hey Tom Brady & Drew Brees FIND A HOME!

As the world has come to a standstill over an invisible threat killing thousands of lives world wide known as COVID-19 it’s good to distract ourselves back for a second, and while all sports are suspended even the Olympics are in danger of being canned! That’s literally never happened I think.

But until we get a better handle of what’s going on it’s good to know that at least some of us are still able to find a new place to hang our Million dollar hat, and unpack in a lovely new location as soon as the world is back to say normal? Well two such men have just done that, and I’ll start with NFL great “Drew Brees” who announced that he will be staying with the New Orlean Saints, and signed a 2 year 50 Million dollar contract to stay right where he’s become a possible future hall of fame QB. Just to think The Miami Dolphins had him here at one point, and well the Dolphins picked the wrong QB and look at him now.

BUT as big a news as that is well it’s overshadowed by the biggest question in the NFL offseason. Where was Tom Brady going to call home in the upcoming season, and from the reports coming in well he just inked a very lucrative deal and now we know the fate of the 6 time Superbowl champion, and 20 year NFL veteran QB who’s spent all of his career up in a Patriots uniform will be following our President, and relocating to Florida.

Brady will call Tampa Bay his home as soon as the NFL season starts, and while it’s not Miami or South Dade it’s still a great area, and a kick ass organization! One ran much better than the Dolphins which have not been relevant in decades. Mostly due to bad internal management of talent, and like the aforementioned Drew Brees who was released and replaced with the wrong WQB.. Now Brady like Brees signed a 2 year 50 Million dollar contract. Which could be as lucrative as 60 Million given certain incentives are met with his performance. So he could be looking at $30m per season on Tampa Bay contract if all works out.

While Brady is close to 43 in age still looks much younger, and has the ability to be one of the top 4 QBs in the NFL. He’s won 6 rings and is probably arguably the greatest QB in NFL history. Now I know our friends up north are already depressed, and this news isn’t going to help but after 20 years they wanted to part ways from all things clear since they didn’t even try to resign the iconic QB. The big two questions now facing the Patriots is why did they allow him to leave without matching the contract, and who will they bring in to replace him. Soon as the NFL kicks back up we shall see.

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