Drag Queen Flashes Crotch To Kids During Story Hour

Drag Queen Flashes Crotch To Kids During Story Hour, and more… Watch ALEX JONES of INFOWars talk about this growing nightmare taking place in our schools.. This is child abuse, child endangerment, child conditioning, and Nambla, and other evil pedophia organizations are behind this. Hollywood is a big player in promoting this lifestyle, Atifa, the entire socialist movement with the “Alphabet People” are behind this, and it’s to create a world in which pedophilia is accepted like a normal way of life!

Schools as you can see in the video below are promoting this bullshit folks, and you need to become aware if you don’t know that your kids are being indoctrinated into this alternate and very insane lifestyle. IF you have any decency left folks you cannot allow this sort of thing to happen…. I cannot believe that in this country this is what we have got to. Listen I’m pro gay rights… Just not THIS SHIT HERE.

A compilation of clips showing how Drag Queen story-hour is a mechanism to groom and sexualize children for pedo sex.


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