Donna Brazile triggered by RNC! LMAO!

Donna Brazile was so triggered by RNC, she had major meltdown on Fox and this was hilarious, sad, and shows how ignorant, and dumb she really is. And how racist she is… She and conservative pundit Tammy Bruce were discussing last night’s Republican convention when Brazile went careening off the cliff of sanity and fell into a sea of crazy—and it was all captured on live TV.

She should be fired, and never heard from on FOX News or any of these news organizations again… She’s not a friend of the American people. ‘You don’t recognize my existence’ Watch as they have to cut Away from Donna Brazile as she enters her Meltdown and goes “FULL RETARD!” ‘You Cannot Erase My History’ No but they can erase your employment number from Fox.

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