Donald Trump Lets This Homeless Black Woman Live At Trump Tower For Free over a decade now

For someone who people say he’s a racist Donald Trump does a piss poor job as one… You see folks Trump is not a racist, and he’s proven that for decades. But Let This Homeless Black Woman explain her side to a touching story the media won’t share with you. She Live At Trump Tower For Free, and so for a decade plus.

God bless her as she’s clearly elderly, and not in great health… IF he was a racist he wouldn’t tell the cops to take a hike, and he wouldn’t have let her stay, and have her treated this great all these years.

He’s not a saint… But nobody is. This man is a good guy, and the media is trying to destroy him because the fix is in folks. They want Hillary Clinton really bad as the next President. Hillary stands for socialism, and that’s what the media wants, and that’s who runs them socialist democrats who are trying to destroy this country from within. WE CANNOT EVER let socialism or communism take this country.

#MAGA #IStandWithTrump

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