Donald Trump is to speak on all 4 nights of the RNC!

Donald Trump is to speak on all 4 nights of the RNC which will be hosted virtually and live-streamed over the course of four days beginning Monday. His family will take up half of the keynote speaker spots, and on night one Trump Campaign will Unveil his Agenda For a Second Term In Office. Today we did get from Trump campaign a release of what the president’s agenda for a second term will look like, ahead of the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Described as a set of “core priorities,” the president’s agenda touches on ten broad topics, including the coronavirus pandemic and economic recovery, ending American “reliance” on China, standing up for police departments, and putting an end to illegal immigration in the country.

According to Politico, Trump believes that last week’s DNC event was too “gloomy,” and wants a more upbeat tone for the GOP conference. Some of the conference events, reportedly including the president’s acceptance speech, will be hosted at the White House, which is not traditionally used by presidents for campaign events. It’s a move that has been denounced by critics as unethical. 

“President Trump’s boundless optimism and certainty in America’s greatness is reflected in his second-term goals and stands in stark contrast to the gloomy vision of America projected by Joe Biden and Democrats,” said the Trump campaign Sunday. Also according to the campaign’s agenda, Trump has made a goal of “creating 10 million new jobs in 10 months,” creating 1 million new small businesses, and providing “Made in America” tax credits. The president also wants to bring to the United States one million jobs from China in the manufacturing sector, and offer incentives for businesses in some industries so that they can leave the communist nation for good.

On the coronavirus pandemic front, the Trump campaign says the president wants a vaccine developed by the end of 2020, and a “Return to Normal” the following year. Some other highlights include allowing all students to practice school choice, enacting term limits for members of Congress, and increasing criminal penalties for assaulting police officers and other law enforcement officers. The RNC also announced Sunday that it would not be adopting a new platform or changing the 2016 Republican platform, but “will continue to enthusiastically support the President’s America-first agenda.” A new platform will be adopted in 2024.

The RNC virtual convention will feature an array of conservative speakers, politicians, and individuals symbolic of the cultural moment, such as former Covington High School student Nick Sandmann and the armed St. Louis couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey. Seven members of the Trump family, including the president, the first lady, and White House Advisor the president’s daughter and White House advisor Ivanka Trump, the president’s sons, Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump, who are both executives in the Trump Organization, and his youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump will all speak.

The event will also feature speeches from ordinary Americans conservatives say have been impacted by liberal extremism. The St Louis couple who controversially brandished guns at Black lives Matter protesters outside their mansion are due to speak. Several congressional hopefuls who have drawn national attention are also slated to speak, including 24-year-old North Carolina businessman Madison Cawthorne, former NFL player and Utah candidate Burgess Owens, and a Baltimore congressional candidate who launched a massively viral campaign video, Kimberly Klacik.

According to the Trump campaign, the president will expand on his agenda when he formally accepts the Republican nomination on Thursday, and plans to share more “details about his plans through policy-focused speeches on the campaign trail.”

To read the president’s full agenda for his second term in office, Click here.

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