Desperate Julian Castro tries to help illegals cross border!

Monday saw imbecil, and presidential wannabe Julian Castro who’s a Democrat presidential wannabe and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary escort a group of migrants to the United States-Mexico border only to see them all returned to Mexico.

This complete, and utter failure in life known as Julian Castro who should be in prison for treason to the country, the laws, the president, and to the AMERICAN CITIZENS he hates so much. But this idiot in human flesh traveled to the Brownsville, Texas, region of the southern border where he escorted 13 migrants in Mexico to U.S. Border Patrol agents in an effort to get them released into the interior of the country while their asylum claims were adjudicated.

The Texas Civil Rights Project confirmed that all the migrants escorted to the border by Castro were returned to Mexico as part of President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. Castro said the migrants identify as “members of the LGTBQ community” who have been “beat up,” and one is disabled.

“We presented them to these border agents and said that they should not be … they should not be in Mexico,” Castro said.

“The Trump administration has chosen cruelty,” Castro said. In a separate post, Castro accused Trump of purposefully “killing people.”

Returning people is not “killing people” or “separating families” THEY ARE ILLEGALS you “comepinga” just cause some of them are queer, gay, bi or whatever doesn’t change that fact, and doesn’t give anyone immunity to break our laws. WTF are these dumbfucks on the left thinking that because they suck on other mens dicks they now automatically get a pass to the USA?

How fucking stupid of an argument is this? “Well they’re queer so you must let them in!” no Julian this isn’t the way the law works, and frankly YOU belong in prison for treason after this because it’s against our laws to try and bring in illegally people via the border so why has this moron not been arrested is what I need to know. This behavior was also accepted recently by Cory Booger who should be investigated I think he paid off the official who let him cross.

Check this shitheads posts out below…

Blaming Trump for border crisis is like blaming Trump for weather issues, global warming, and for hurricanes. Nothing of this is the fault of Trump, and Julian knows it he’s aware that Trump doesn’t make ANYONE want to become illegals in this country. The mans been President for 3 years, and this crisis has been going on for decades! But this is the sort of idiotic bullshit the left spews out to gain supporters, and a buzz. They blame Trump for everything. IF they catch diarrhea will Trump be blamed for it also? Does he make you poop your diapers Julian?

So before he was president, and the crisis was still happening was it still his fault? DID he cause this by his show, his casinos explain how ANY of what’s been happening for decades is Trumps fault? The DemoncRATS are more to blame than anyone in this “manufactured Crisis” as these morons called it months ago. That sort of moronic talk didn’t work now they’re all on this blame Trump bandwagon when THEY caused this not him.

Castro, as part of his broader open borders plan, has vowed to end Trump’s effective “Remain in Mexico” policy where, rather than border crossers being released into the U.S. so long as they claim asylum, they now must wait in Mexico while their claims are adjudicated. So in another words he just committed TREASON against the President, and government by refusing to stand by the laws of this country. Julian needs prison time.

The policy has prevented mass fraud of the asylum system, as reported in the News. As of August, for instance, none of the 1,200 migrants who were waiting in Mexico for asylum in the U.S. had been found to be eligible. Before the policy was implemented, those border crossers would have been released into the interior of the country, forcing federal immigration officials to then find, detain, and deport them after being deemed ineligible for asylum. Yet Julian wants to illegally bring them ANYWAY.

This is the sort of fucked up shit they want folks! It’s not bad enough that they hate this country they love illegals more than our laws, citizens, and our way of life in the USA. The entire left running are anti American, and we cannot trust one single crook running for the DemoncRATS!

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