Democrat Rep. Jeff Van Drew to become Republican!

That’s right friends known to be against this circus, and one who was one of just two House Democrats to oppose the House’s November vote to set impeachment rules Rep. Jeff Van Drew, anti-impeachment Democrat, expected to switch parties after Trump meeting.

Officials said Saturday that Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, a vocally anti-impeachment Democrat, will join the Republican Party in the coming days delivering a political jolt to Democrats ahead of next week’s expected vote to impeach the president.

The decision, they said, came after Van Drew joined President Trump for a lengthy Friday meeting, during which Trump urged him to join the GOP, and who in an interview with Fox Business last month, said he would vote against articles of impeachment unless he hears evidence against the President that I quote would “rises to the level of treason or a high crime.”

Since we know this is all based on lies, hersey and assumptions and no real evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever by Trump he said the “Founding Fathers had vigorous debates of whether they would even allow impeachment in the Constitution,” and that he favors allowing voters to decide the matter in next year’s election.

This is a very important quote friends read it careful here this is about us! The ones who voted for the PRESIDENT… “You don’t disenfranchise voters, millions upon millions of voters. Voters choose their leaders in America,” – Van Drew said. This is exactly what the left has been trying to do, and like him I’m sure others feel but they’re scared of the machine behind the players we see.

Reports that during conversations between Van Drew and Trump advisers, where the freshman congressman said he was nervous about losing his seat either in a Democratic primary due to his opposition to impeachment in a liberal state or in a general election. A Democratic aide told Fox News that a recent poll his campaign took showed another Democrat would beat him in a primary race. Clearly like I said the machine that runs the party now who put the AOC, and her Socialist Democrat friends, and Fraud Squad together is ready to destroy, and eat alive any of it’s own if they don’t follow their rules, and line.

“It doesn’t mean that I agree with everything the president may have said or done. It means that I don’t believe that these are impeachable offenses,“ he said in an interview Thursday.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew understands this fact, and now has decided to take his talents to Miami Beach like Lebron James… Well not really but the President has so that’s a little joke but seriously Rep. Jeff Van Drew will now take his talents to the “GOP” instead. Like myself I left the DemocRATS midway into Obama’s 2nd term, and I voted for Trump the first Republican I’ve ever voted for, and will vote for him again in 2020 myself. So as for us converts I welcome Rep. Jeff Van Drew to our world.

The world is so clear when you see how the left has the fix in, and we as a people need to remove these evil socialist, communists, and dictators from power. Along with racists, warmonger’s, and it starts with each one of us doing our part. Also we need a speaker of the house who can actually speak. So let’s start by locking up Nasty Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler for the crimes they have committed towards us the American people.

The meeting came the same day that the House Judiciary Committee voted to adopt two articles of impeachment in a party-line vote. The article allege abuse of power and obstruction by Trump. Should the House adopt the articles next week, it could trigger a Senate trial in the new year just as 2020 presidential primaries are about to get underway.

“Today is a solemn and sad day,” Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., told reporters after the vote. “For the third time in a little over a century and a half, the House Judiciary Committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The House will act expeditiously.” Jerry you sir are the one who’s abused his power, and who should be arrested for treason.

There are 31 House Democrats who represent districts Trump carried in the 2016 election, and many of them have been nervous about the political repercussions they would face by voting to impeach Trump. The House Republican campaign committee has already run ads targeting many of them, but most are expected to support Trump’s impeachment, and the Republican-controlled Senate is all but certain to acquit Trump after a trial in January. So stay tuned folks…

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