Democrat corruption EXPOSED! By Mark Levin

Mark Levin is calling out more Democratic corruption, now on this one he’s focusing on House Speaker Nasty Nancy Pelosi, and a large IPO deal made back in March, 2008, involving credit card giant Visa, and a “questionable” stock deal that Nancy Pelosi made that helped turn her into a millionaire.

However, that’s not the only deal Pelosi and her husband participated in. There’s been MANY of these shady deals along the way. Mark aired a clip from “60 Minutes,” that explained the essence of the scam, and also a presser where a visibly annoyed Pelosi shuts down “60 Minutes” reporter Steve Kroft, who was asking about the shady Visa deal, “it’s not true…and that’s that,” Pelosi snapped. Sound familiar? She lies, breaks the law does whatever the hell she wants, and NOBODY has called her out, and not just exposed her but thrown her in front of a courtroom, and made her pay for her crimes? – READ MORE

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