Dave Chappelle’s New Netflix Special ‘Sticks and Stones’ getting pulled?

I was sent this screenshot which made me laugh out loud! Now read it carefully first before you continue to read my post…

Now I’ve seen the special, and so have MILLIONS of people, and I’m sure it’s all over the torrent sites, and anyone with the know how can get it even if they pull the special so at this point it’s pointless to pull the special, and after watching everything he’s done for Netflix so far Dave has earned every penny THEY paid him for his stand up.


Sticks and Stones his latest special is hilarious, and honest in how he speaks about his life, and what he’s going thru with his past specials in the news… Now the ONLY reason why people are going at Dave here is because at no time does he talk about Donald Trump, and THIS is what hurts them the most. The left wanted him to trash Trump in all these specials, and he was on record on SNL saying he was willing to give Trump a chance, and now he doesn’t trash Trump but he goes and reflects on the LGBTQ community, and how he Dave has had this backlash from them, and other pretty hilarious stuff which I don’t want to spoil if you haven’t seen it.

The special is funny make no mistake this is classic Chappelle at his best, and at one point he tells the audience that he hasn’t changed, and neither has his jokes but it’s THEM who’s changed, and it’s true. Dave is using the same kind of humor he’s always used, and has been praised for in the past. But now society has become so “WOKE” thanks to this ultra liberal/pc b.s we have that what was funny just a decade ago is considered “going too far.”

The funny thing is Dave is a Democrat, and he didn’t vote for Trump… But with the backlash he’s getting they are going to turn the most powerful comedian working today doing stand up against the Democratic party, and make it that he’s embraced by the conservatives, and Trump. How will the left handle if this happens? They’re already trying to eat him alive over some Netflix specials just imagine if Dave sported a MAGA hat in public? Well just look at how they done Kanye West.

Check out this real good YouTube video explaining why Dave is so good as a comedian….. Excellent dissection into how good he is.

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