Dark Matter Digital now under Nathan Stolpman

So it looks like the shake up at Midnight in the Desert, and Dark Matter Digital Network keep happening. WOW! Tim Ozman the guy brought in to replace Tim Weisberg. Now the new host is “Nathan Stolpman” and from the looks of things Keith sold the company, and the new owners are bringing Art Bell back full time.

This is what was posted on the site recently…

“On this special Dark Matter Digital Network episode, the network re-Launches honoring the late great Art Bell on his 75th Birthday. Brand new Midnight in the Desert host Nathan Stolpman introduces himself and welcomes legendary researcher David Icke to the first show. Topics include: Tech Censorship, Covid-19 and many of the other new, alarming narratives of the establishment, that they absolutely do not want you to hear! You will not want to miss this! Starting @ Midnight! ET”

Most are asking how to cancel their services, and I’m one of them… So I went to my paypal, and I think I took care of it but I’m not sure. Check out the YouTube Ch up for Art Bell on DMDN.

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