Dan Rather you idiot! + More proof the left lies, and are starting the fires!

So as we all know all these DemocRATS in “congress” and “The Media” are in an attempted coup of the country, and are using BLACK LIVES MATTER & Antifa as their terrorists groups to carry out the chaos, and anarchy as puppets of their army. Former Anchor Dan Rather said that ‘This November We Will Find Out How Many People Are Dumb Enough to Believe Trump’ Well Dan we should take your words, and thrown them where they belong… IN a giant dumpster fire… Heck here we got proof that your side Dan are the ones starting fires. NOT Mother nature, not TRUMP, and it’s being done by the same looters, and rioters in Black Lives Matter & Antifa. While old child molesting pedophiles like Dan try to project the blame to Trump. But the stupid doesn’t end there… Jake Tapper during a CNN State of the Union interview with Peter Navarro did the same thing in following the narrative, and not allowing Peter to really answer, and correct his lies…

But wait there is more! So you think them fires are being done by Climate Change huh? Well sorry snowflakes! Oregon Portland cops arrested an ARSONIST who started small brush fire with Molotov cocktail… Remember I also posted about Jeffrey Acord, 36 who was arrested and was charged for reckless burning in the second degree. He is now reportedly also a suspect in two other Washington wildfires. He claims he called 911 Wednesday evening to report a fire in the median of Highway 167 near Tacoma, Washington. Turns out he’s a BLM & Antifa stooge.

But now back to you Ex “CBS Evening News” host Dan Rather who stated the presidential election in November would actually reveal how many people were “dumb enough to believe” Trump when he says he didn’t like to spread panic at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“What this presidential election is about is whether the country’s going to move more in the direction of white supremacy or move more in the direction of a multiracial, constitutional republic based on the freedom and the democracy,” Rather stated… But wait Dan what White Supremacy? So this means that JOE BIDEN should NOT be president. After all he is a full on RACIST! His own words… Calling black men “Super predators” and signing crime bills meant to send to prison a record number of black men since 1994. Which did nothing but enrich the prison growth, and tear down the black homes. Now how is Trump a racist when Joe Biden did that, and Trump ended that with his “crime reform act” it seems to me that YOU DAN want more racism, and white supremacy.

“That’s the proper frame, in which we now should put this election given what the president says, what he’s been doing, this long list of things. No sense going through the litany, but, you know, he knew in early February how serious the coronavirus was, but he repeatedly misled the American people. He said using an excuse and a lie, he didn’t want to spread panic,” he continued. You moron he told us about it in late January, and like a broken record Pelosi, and Biden called Trump a racist, and Xenophobe. These are facts, and I know I was there and saw him say it when he went on TV and said China is become a threat due to this virus which at the time had not killed but 1 American. Trump took early action and shutdown all flights in and out of China, and then the UK. This is a real leader, and he did it without causing major panic. Now every major city and state having major issues are normally Democrat loaded, and with Socialist, Democrat elected mayors, and governors. But Dan wont mention facts. He’s being told what to say by these same evil players.

“Well, throughout his entire presidency and particularly during this presidential re-election campaign, he’s been trying to get people panicked,” Rather clarified…. Boy is he wrong, and projecting what the left is doing to the nation just to cast blame on Trump. What a real lowlife you are Dan Rather.

“Panicked about dangerous people moving into the suburban neighborhood, panic over immigration. He’s asking us to believe that when it came to the coronavirus, he just didn’t want to spread panic.” You idiot immigration has been an issue for decades! Why didn’t you cry when Obama built the cages, and separated families. Chuck Schummer is on record before Trump in 2016 took office! Chuck had also spoken about our border crisis, and illegals issues. Not a peep from you when it’s one of your guys saying it right? What a total hypocrite loser you are old man.

“Anybody who believes this will believe that rocks grow, and we’re going to find out how many people are dumb enough to believe that. I’d like to think that most people in the country recognize it for what it is, and that is an excuse, and it’s a lie, and it’s outrageous, and it’s very dangerous,” he concluded… You know Andrew Cuomo locked sick patients into hospice and other centers with elderly people, and caused the death of THOUSANDS! IN New York! Where is your bleeding heart there Dan? This man is gone total TDS. Nothing you say Dan means anything.

But here are more facts A 45-year-old man was arrested on Sunday in Portland, Ore., after police said he used a Molotov cocktail to start a small brush fire along the I-205 freeway. The Portland Police Department said in a statement that firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the fire and there were no structural damages. Domingo Lopez was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center on charges of reckless burning and disorderly conduct in the second degree.

Police said they caught up with Lopez after a witness pointed him out. Police said he confirmed that he lit the fire with the device. The alleged incident occurred while devastating fires up and down the West Coast have destroyed neighborhoods, leaving nothing but charred rubble and burned-out cars, forced tens of thousands to flee and cast a shroud of smoke that has given Seattle, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, some of the worst air quality in the world. At least 10 people have been killed in the past week throughout Oregon. Officials have said more people are missing from other fires, and the number of fatalities is likely to rise, though they have not said how high the toll could go as they search. Investigators are working to determine if more charges are warranted, according to police.

Boy ain’t this a fact… “Privileged” White people arrested in New York City for rioting are “knuckleheads” who have no real interest in improving Black lives, a former cop said Saturday on “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

“These are just young people who are taking advantage of the Black struggle,” said Brandon Tatum, a former Tucson, Ariz., police officer and conservative activist. The seven individuals including wealthy Upper East Sider Clara Kraebber were arrested for rioting at a New Afrikan Black Panther Party rally, the New York Post reports.

“They’re taking advantage of BLM, they’re essentially protesting their parents, they’re protesting their White guilt that has been brainwashed into them by the institutions that we call the educational system that is occurring today with all these leftist teachers,” Tatum said.

Kraebber, 20, who was charged with felony rioting and misdemeanor graffiti charges, reportedly comes from a family that owns a $1.8 million apartment and second home in Connecticut. “It has nothing to do with police brutality,” Tatum said of the demonstration. “It has almost everything to do with parents not teaching their children about responsibility.”

Elliot Rucka, 20, from Portland, Ore., was also arrested on a felony riot charge. He is the son of a New York Times best-selling comic book writer.

“People have to understand this,” Tatum said. “When you have wealth, somebody worked hard to get to that point, and we are not translating that well to the next generation of these communists who want to destroy everything and think everything should be free.”

As for Joe Biden? Here is more proof that he doesn’t care…

The left doesn’t understand they have woken up the “Silent majority”…

Let’s learn from history folks…

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