Cuba under fire & BLM declared Ponzi scheme by Sen. Marco Rubio… FACTS!

With the violence escalating in my island of Cuba this month due to the treatment of the Cubans which has become a bloody war on the streets as the cops in Cuba are killing my people for simply wanting help with their human rights. This small island 90 miles away from Florida needs freedom, and the people are fed up and want their freedom. The left DemocRATS are trying to say this has to do with them wanting the Covid Vaccine, and while that might play a part the overall spectrum of the treatment of Cubans for the last 7 decades has finally come to a point that the people there are about to take matters into their own hands. This all started in one city in Cuba and it’s spreading, and now things have got so bad that the country socialist dictatorship has cut off internet access to the people. This folks is what socialism/communism is about, and how it does it’s people.

This is exactly why we need to stop this now here in America before this country becomes another socialist/communist country. Marco Rubio was on Fox and he laid this out about the Marxist domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter. “BLM is a Ponzi scheme shaking down corporations” – Sen. Marco Rubio… FACTS!

This is about as factual of a statement ever made by Marco Rubio, and congrats on him for making this point about Black Lives Matter. This group is a domestic terrorist group, and what they have done not just in 2020 but what they continue to do is nothing short about what we see in all Marxist, and dictators lead groups. BLM is backing the Cuban government which has repressed my people for decades. With that said let me say it now.

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