Cruz slams mainstream media: They are rooting for disaster

All I can say is you sure ain’t lying TED! Joe Biden is a fucktard, moron loser who’s been caught again using nothing but political talk, and saying what he says to gain support by trashing the real President Donald Trump. Joe Biden is a hack, and will always be one, and he’s a liar, and a con artist. No wonder his son Hunter is hidden like a church mouse, and who took in how much in cash from Ukraine, China, and god knows which other enemy country we got thanks to Quid Pro Joe over here… Ted sure let this stupid old SOB have it tho while on the FOX Show Ingraham Angle! This folks is hilarious please watch the video below.

Senator Ted Cruz, R-TX, weighs in on Joe Biden’s gaffes and the media’s portrayal of COVID-19. #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle

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